Building a Secure Future For Smart Factories

Manufacturers across multiple industries rely on Helios to prevent operational disruptions and detect and contain threats before they affect productivity or cause costly supply-chain penalties.

Securing operations across both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems is paramount to maintaining operational integrity and avoiding costly shutdowns. Manufacturing sectors have changed significantly over the past decade with the adoption of industrial internet-connected automation, embedded sensors, cloud computing, centralized management systems and even artificial intelligence. 

A recent Deloitte survey found 48% of manufacturers identified operational risk, including cybersecurity as the greatest challenge facing the smart factory initiative.

The threat landscape for the systems that control operations of a manufacturing center has increased as the use of digitization advanced technologies have risen.

Helios puts cybersecurity fears to rest for the manufacturing industry by ensuring organizations can implement AI and machine learning that automatically writes your SIEM rules, while quickly and expertly detecting, monitoring and eliminating cyber threats.

With Helios, Manufacturing Organizations Can:

Helios Enables You To:

Helios, Illuminating True Cybersecurity.

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