Helios for Government

Detecting and eliminating threats at the local, state and federal levels.

State and local governments rely on Helios to detect and contain threats before they cause service disruptions, expose consumer and government data from costly public exposures, and divert taxpayer funds from critical services to expensive cyber incident clean-ups and recoveries. Municipalities and their services are a top target of cybercriminals, banking on public pressure to force ransomware payments in the wake of massive service disruptions. Municipalities make for ideological targets for state-sponsored ransomware cartels or state-actors who not only profit from these attacks, but sow discord and mistrust between government administrations and their voters.

Swiftly changing environments have been a constant reality in the move toward advanced digital transformation and modernization across all levels of government. State and local governments especially have been faced with the challenge of building out “smart cyber-physical systems” while defending government data and citizen services from cyber-attacks. Federal government organizations are navigating increasingly complex nation-state and supply chain threat landscapes that are shifting toward software with a focus on cybersecurity operations.

This inevitable dependence on technology and network connectivity has made organizations more vulnerable to cyber breaches and attacks. According to ICMA, “…the sheer number of American local governments … and the increased attack surface that makes them vulnerable to cyber attacks”.

Helios platform ensures organizations and officials at all levels can secure these new smart cyber systems while giving security teams the ability to detect and stop a potential breach using AI and machine learning quickly and seamlessly.

With Helios, Government Organizations Can:

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