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Why Choose Helios for Home Networks?

Fully Managed Cybersecurity platform to secure your home network. 

Next Generation Firewall

  • Cloud-based firewall providing comprehensive protection

Secure Web Gateway

  • Protects against internet-based threats and controls web access

Extended Detection and Response

  • Uses AI/ML to detect and respond to security threats

Intrusion Prevention System

  • Provides immediate defense against known and emerging threats

Next-Generation Anti-Malware

  • Real-time malware protection using advanced heuristics

DNS Security

  • Blocks malicious DNS requests to prevent harmful connections

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

  • Allows secure access to unverified websites in an isolated environment

Endpoint Protection (EPP/EDR)

  • Extends protection to devices with next-gen anti-malware

Automated Patching

  • Automatically patch Windows, MacOS, and auto-update over 200 3rd party applications

Protecting Children from Internet Dangers 

The internet is an incredible resource, but it also presents numerous dangers for children, including exposure to inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators. Ensuring your child’s safety online is crucial, and here’s how Helios can help: 

How does Helios ensure safe internet browsing for children

  1. Remote Browser Isolation (RBI): This feature isolates browsing activity from the local device, preventing malicious content from reaching the child’s device and ensuring a safer browsing experience.
  2. Secure Web Gateway: This tool filters web traffic and blocks access to harmful or inappropriate websites, protecting children from exposure to unsuitable content and potential online predators.
  3. Customizable Security Policies: Parents can set specific rules and restrictions tailored to their children’s internet usage, ensuring that only age-appropriate content is accessible.
  4. Comprehensive Monitoring: Helios provides detailed monitoring of internet activity, allowing parents to track and review their children’s online behavior and intervene if necessary.

What specific threats does Helios protect children from

  1. Exposure to Inappropriate Content: Helios uses Secure Web Gateway and customizable security policies to block access to harmful or age-inappropriate websites, ensuring children only see suitable content.
  2. Cyberbullying: By monitoring internet activity and providing detailed reports, Helios helps parents identify and address instances of cyberbullying, protecting children from online harassment.
  3. Online Predators: Helios employs advanced threat detection and monitoring tools to identify and block suspicious activities, safeguarding children from potential online predators.
  4. Malware and Phishing Attacks: With features like Remote Browser Isolation and real-time anti-malware, Helios protects children from malicious software and phishing attempts that could compromise their personal information or device security.

How effective is Helios in blocking inappropriate content

Helios is highly effective in blocking inappropriate content, ensuring a safer online environment for children. The Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is a key component, filtering internet traffic to prevent access to harmful or unsuitable websites. This system inspects web requests and blocks those leading to inappropriate content, such as adult material, violence, gambling, and drugs.

Additionally, Helios offers customizable parental controls, allowing parents to set specific restrictions based on their child’s age and maturity. These controls can block access to certain websites, set browsing time limits, and monitor online activities.

Overall, Helios combines comprehensive filtering, robust parental controls, and detailed monitoring to effectively block inappropriate content and ensure a safe internet experience for children.

By leveraging Helios’ advanced security features, you can create a safer online environment for your children, protecting them from potential threats and helping them develop responsible online habits. 

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