Helios: A Smart Defense for Law Firms

As recently as February 29th, 2024

Houser LLP, a U.S. law firm that specializes in serving high-profile financial institutions, said a system breach discovered in May 2023 exposed the personal data — possibly including sensitive information such as credit card numbers — of more than 325,000 people.

In a regulatory filing posted Wednesday by Maine’s attorney general, the company said certain files were encrypted during the incident and were “copied and taken from the network.”

A Smart Defense for Law Firms
The rise and evolution of ransomware makes law firms a prime target. A wealth of confidential and proprietary information is contained within this industry, which could be damaging if exposed.

Helios applies machine learning to identify threats seamlessly across endpoints, networks, and cloud environments. Our automated response actions keep law firms secure by halting potential risks.


Reduce Risk

Network Security

  • Secure Web Gateway and DNS Security: Legal firms can protect their networks from web-based and DNS-based attacks, ensuring safe access to online resources and preventing threats from reaching critical systems.

Endpoint Security

  • Endpoint Protection and Anti-Malware: Deploying comprehensive security solutions for all endpoints, including medical devices, workstations, and mobile devices, helps detect and eliminate malware, reducing the risk of infections and breaches.

Data Security

  • Data Loss Prevention and Backups: Implementing data loss prevention measures ensures sensitive client information is protected from unauthorized access. Reliable backup solutions guarantee data availability and integrity in case of data loss or ransomware attacks.

Access Control

  • Zero Trust Access and Microsegmentation: Enforcing zero trust principles and isolating network segments prevents unauthorized access and limits the spread of threats within the network. This approach ensures that only authenticated and authorized users can access critical systems and data.

Threat Detection and Response

  • XDR and Incident Response: Utilizing extended detection and response solutions provides comprehensive threat management, allowing us to identify, analyze, and respond to security incidents swiftly. A robust incident response plan ensures quick mitigation of any breaches or attacks.

Secure Remote Access

    • Enable secure remote work: Attorneys and legal staff equipped with robust remote access solutions. Protect sensitive data while accessing client information and case files from anywhere, ensuring productivity without compromising security.

Law firms are rich targets for hackers working for the lucrative cyber-attack industry.

“Law firms are not seen as the most tech-savvy industry and there may not even be a technology staff at smaller firms,” Mike Mooney, partner and senior vice president at USI Affinity in Newtown Square, Penn., told lawyers gathered at a panel discussion on cyber risks held at the New York State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in New York City. “Mix that all together and lawyers and law firms make prime targets.”

Mooney and Michelle Merola, an attorney with Hodgson Russ in Albany, warned lawyers about the evolving and increasingly sophisticated threats posed by the cyber-attack industry. “It is not a Nigerian prince sending out an email anymore,” said Mooney, noting it is a billion-dollar industry that frequently involves organized crime. Added Merola: “This is not a young person sitting in a basement. People are working on their techniques. This is business.”


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