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One-time cost per key

Ransomware Protection

YubiKey Bio - FIDO Edition

Built For Business Supports a range of business scenarios including privileged users, remote workforce, and mobile-restricted environments.

Supports Desktop – Designed for desktop and workstation applications, and perfect for call centers and shared workspace environments.

Secure Cloud Login  – Secure passwordless and second-factor login for cloud-first environments or cloud and on-premise hybrid environments.

FIDO Authentication  – Works with services using FIDO2/WebAuthn and FIDO U2F.

Works – YubiKey Bio Series works with popular web services.

How To Set Up Your YubiKey

A simple 4 step process that gets you secure in minutes

Step 1:

Log In To Your Service

Log in to the service you want to secure and check if it supports security keys

Step 2:

Go To Security Settings

look for the option to add 2-factor authentication or security keys

Step 3:

Follow Instructions

Register your YubiKey by plugging it in or tapping your device

Step 4:


You’re now ready to use your YubiKey. Remember to register a spare key in case of loss or theft

Technical Specifications

Device Information

Productivity And Communication

Google Account, Microsoft account,

Password Managers

Keeper®, 1Password, Bitwarden Premium.

Cloud Storage



Facebook, Twitter.

Identity And Access Management

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Duo Security, Forgerock, Idaptive, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity.



Biometric, FIDO only.

Security Functions

WebAuthn, FIDO2 CTAP1, FIDO2 CTAP2, Universal 2nd Factor (U2F).


FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), FIDO2, IP68.

Cryptographic Specifications

ECC p256.

Ready To Get Secure?

Take the first steps with our YubiKey Bio - FIDO Edition​