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From zero to secure in weeks – our virtual CISO services will help guide you through the complexities of cybersecurity

Benefits Of Virtual CISO Services

Build Your Cybersecurity Program With The Help Of A Virtual CISO​

Cost effective

Cost Effective

On average CISOs earn $250k-$350k annually. For a fraction of the cost you gain an expert to guide program development.

Maximizes security ROI

Maximizes Security ROI

Don’t waste time and money on consultants selling you solutions you don’t need. A vCISO will prioritize work on the areas of greatest risk.

Extension of your team

Extension Of Your Team

A vCISO provides your security team with the expertise, experience, and support required to accomplish your organization’s security goals.

Why Hire A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer?

Many organizations struggle to keep up with the constantly evolving threat landscape and regulatory requirements. This often leads to check box security that is designed to meet the minimum compliance requirements but does not address the most significant sources of cyber risk.

Our virtual CISO services take a comprehensive approach to every engagement. This enables our experts to fully understand your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to prioritize work on the areas of greatest risk.

This custom tailored plan will meet your specific needs and goals, and provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure the strategy is effectively implemented and maintained.


Customized, on demand support, allowing your organization to have access to the security expertise it needs, when it needs it, without the added cost and overhead of a full-time employee.


Independent perspective that is not influenced by internal politics or personal biases and offers objective recommendations based on the organization’s specific needs and goals, rather than pushing a particular product or service.

Time Saving

Only focus on the specific areas of security that pose the greatest risk to your organization and save time by hiring an expert who knows exactly how to implement a successful security program.


Conduct regular assessments, provide recommendations for improvement, and offer ongoing support and guidance, that will align your organization’s security program with its business goals.

How A Virtual CISO Will
Improve Your Security Program

A single point of contact with a direct line to experienced security experts

✓ Security Awareness Training

✓ Vulnerability Management Monitoring

✓ Data Classification

✓ Data Loss Prevention Planning

✓ Security Architecture Design & Policy Development

✓ Security Program Design

✓ Vender Risk Management

✓ Privacy Program Implementation

✓ Security Frameworks (CIS, ISO, NIST, HIPAA)

✓ Identity & Access Management

✓ Compliance Readiness (PCI, HIPAA, CMMC, SOC)

✓ BYOD Strategy & Policy Design

✓ Information Risk Reviews & Risk Management

✓ Audit Remediation & Management

Audit Existing Documentation​

Our vCISO will review and audit your security program and policies to benchmark your security maturity.

Audit Existing Documentation​
Conduct a risk assessment

Conduct A Risk Assessment

Our vCISO will assess administrative, physical, internal, and external security controls to determine risk.

Create A Strategic Roadmap

A 2-3 year roadmap is created focusing on highest impact objectives to improve your security posture.

Create a strategic roadmap
Implement and address risk

Implement &
Manage Risk

SecureTrust will coordinate with your team and your virtual CISO to implement projects to strategically address risk.

Virtual CISO Service Deliverables

Our vCISOs customize your security program to meet your requirements

Security Policy Review

A vCISO provides your security team with the expertise, experience, and support required to accomplish your organization’s security goals.

Security Architecture Review

Thorough audit and review of existing technologies and security controls to benchmark current program performance.

Security Risk Assessment

Inform decision-makers about vulnerabilities in corporate systems, allowing them to take preemptive defensive actions and prepare effective risk responses.

Incident Response Planning

Create an incident response plan to minimize the impact of cyber security incidents and provide practical guidelines on responding to events.

Vulnerability Management

Establish a framework to proactively identify, classify, remediate, and mitigate vulnerabilities in applications or an IT infrastructure with the goal of reducing risk.

Vendor Risk Management

Manage third-party risks by developing a method for tracking potential risks, creating a system for evaluating risks, and establishing a protocol for addressing risks.

Data Classification

Develop and implement a plan to categorize data based on its level of sensitivity, protection required, and overall risk to the organization.

Meet Your Requirements

SecureTrust converges Vulnerability Scanning, Automated Patching and a Complete Network Security Stack into a single cloud service, empowering any business to deliver optimized and secure application access to all users and locations.


Access Control

Data Encryption

Network Security

Incident Response

Monitoring & Auditing

Physical Security

Risk Assessment

Vendor Management

Data & Backup Recovery

Policy & Documentation




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Req. 3, 4

Req. 1, 2

Req. 12.9

Req. 10, 11

Req. 9

Req. 12.1

Req. 12.8

Req. 9.5, 9.6

Req. 12



CC6.1, 6.2









CC1.1, 2.1

ISO 27001

ISO 27k





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A.5, 7, 18


NIST 800-53













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Frequently Asked Questions

virtual Chief Information Security Officer, also called a virtual CISO or vCISO, is an executive level security professional hired to guide the planning, development, implementation, and on going maintenance of a cyber security program.

Virtual CISOs are often contracted or hired on a part-time basis to lead security projects as needed.

The benefits of hiring a virtual CISO include cost savings, access to a network of experienced security professionals, ability to scale your security program as needed, staying current on industry trends and current security risks, providing additional support to a full-time CISO, alternative and unbiased perspective on current cyber security challenges, and flexibility to support projects as needed.

On average, a virtual CISO costs between $1,600 to $5,000 per month or $19,200 to $60,000 per year. This equates to $200 to $250 per hour.

The cost of a virtual CISO will depend greatly on the organization’s security goals, the experience and qualifications of the virtual CISO, and the scope of work of the projects the position is being hired for.

Organizations typically outsource this position because the medium salary of a Chief Information Security Officer $233,507 per year. The cost is often out of reach for many small to medium sized businesses along with a lack of projects to justify a full time position.

The responsibilities of a virtual CISO include performing Security Policy Review, Security Architecture Review, Security Risk Assessment, Incident Response Planning, Vulnerability Management Program Oversight, Vendor Risk Management, Data Classification, and Compliance Readiness.

A virtual CISO’s responsibilities will depend greatly on the goals of the organization, the level of inhouse support provided, and the projects assigned to the virtual CISO.

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