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Next Generation
Firewall (NGFW)

Multilayered threat prevention to protect against malware, exploits, unauthorized access, and data theft.

What Are The Benefits Of NGFW?

Gain deep visibility, advanced threat protection, and simplified management


NGFWs can detect and control network traffic based on the application, not just IP addresses. This enables more granular security policies.


NGFWs use advanced threat detection techniques like intrusion prevention, malware analysis, and SSL inspection to protect against known threats.


NGFWs consolidate multiple security capabilities like firewall, IPS, AV, and sandboxing into a single solution. This reduces complexity and cost.

What Do Next Generation Firewalls Protect Against

What Do Next Generation Firewalls Protect Against?

Next generation firewalls protect against a wide range of cyber threats by deeply inspecting all network traffic, both inbound and outbound, to block attacks, malware, and unauthorized access.

NGFWs utilize multilayered threat prevention techniques including:

  • Network firewall – Blocks unwanted traffic based on IP address, port, protocol etc.
  • Application awareness  – Detects and controls thousands of applications using deep packet inspection.
  • Intrusion prevention  – Blocks known vulnerability exploits and protocol anomalies.
  • Malware analysis  – Identifies and blocks trojans, viruses, spyware, botnets, and other malware.
  • SSL/TLS inspection – Decrypts and scans encrypted traffic for hidden threats and data exfiltration.

Firewall as a Service Built into a SASE Platform

SecureTrust delivers next generation firewall capabilities everywhere your business operates, without the need to deploy and manage separate hardware appliances.

The Helios Cloud™ SASE platform converges advanced networking and multilayered threat prevention into a single, globally distributed service.

Helios Cloud aggregates all enterprise traffic and enforces consistent security policies across data centers, branches, cloud, and mobile users.

With Helios Cloud, next generation firewall is delivered as a service, providing complete visibility, unlimited capacity, and simplified management of your organization’s network security posture.

Firewall As A Service Built Into A SASE Platform

SecureTrust's Solution Vs. Traditional Solutions

Helios Cloud
Traditional Firewalls

Application awareness

Adaptable Application Awareness

SecureTrust uses its cloud traffic visibility to quickly extend its detection of new applications without involving the customer. New application identification capabilities are immediately available to all customers.

Low Application Awareness

NGFW detects common network applications based on data flows using DPI. Application IDs that are discovered are used in firewall policies for more granular control. Yet, customers must indicate to the firewall vendor when application traffic isn’t detected or classified and then have to wait for an appropriate signature or patch.


Full Visibility

SecureTrust has full visibility into the entire network as all WAN and Internet traffic goes through the Helios Cloud. There are no blind spots or need to deploy multiple appliances to cover all traffic.

Location-Bound Visibility

Appliances are location-bound and can only inspect the traffic that flows through them. This is why appliance sprawl and backhauling are needed to get inspection and enforcement to where the traffic is.


Cloud Service

With SecureTrust, NGFW is centrally managed with a unified application-aware security policy. This eliminates the need to size, upgrade, patch or refresh appliances, customers are relieved of the ongoing grunt work of keeping network security up-to-date against emerging threats and evolving business needs.

Resource Intensive Appliance Management

Distributed NGFWs require an appliance at each location, with its own set of rules. Over time policies tend to change, increasing the likelihood of rule conflict and security exposure. Furthermore, each appliance lifecycle has to be managed separately. Appliances must be bought, deployed, configured, patched, updated and ultimately replaced either due to an End of Life (EOL) or business growth.


Streamlined & Simplified

SecureTrust connects the entire organization to a single, logical global FWaaS with a unified application-aware security policy. Maintenance of the service is done by SecureTrust, so IT can manage the business-specific security policy, without wasting time on manually handling multiple firewall appliances, their software, and their configuration.

Complicated & Time-Consuming

Appliance-based security inherently entails distributed deployments and disparate security policies. As a result, IT is forced to allocate valuable time and effort to manage the network life cycle; including manually sizing, deploying, configuring, patching and upgrading firewall appliances across multiple sites.

Security Posture

Delivered As A Service

SecureTrust uniquely delivers Firewall and IPS as a managed solution, freeing IT from the burden of security posture maintenance. SecureTrust evaluates emerging threats and develops the rules to stop them. SecureTrust then tests these rules in simulation mode on live traffic, ensuring enterprises aren’t impacted and eliminating false positives before rolling them out. As a result, threats are prevented and stopped without overloading IT.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Managing optimal security posture is a big challenge. For example, appliance-based IPS requires heavy involvement from IT. As an IPS vendor distributes new signatures, IT must assess their relevance and impact on performance, then test them on live traffic for false positives and end user disruption, and finally, deploy them in full production mode. This resource impact causes many IT teams to essentially ignore IPS updates, weakening their network security posture.

How It Works WIth SecureTrust

A simple 4 step process that takes < 10 minutes to get secure

Step 1:

You Send Us A List Of Users

Step 2:

Users Install
Our Agent

Step 3:

Users login with a secure code

Step 4:

Comprehensive coverage

Your Users And Devices Are Secure

Why Choose SecureTrust's
Network Security Services?

The SecureTrust Cybersecurity Framework is designed to help organizations reduce risk and maximize the ROI of their security initiatives and is based on three key principles:

  1. Proactive: Threats are identified and mitigated before they can cause damage.
  2. Risk-based: Prioritize work on the areas of greatest risk. This ensures maximum ROI.
  3. Integrated: Works better with other security initiatives, such as vulnerability management and incident response.

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