SecureTrust Cybersecurity

Cloud Access Security
Broker (CASB)

Reduce your attack surface caused by SaaS services

What Are The Benefits Of CASB?

Reduce the risk of Unsanctioned SaaS applications

Gain visibility

CASB provides visibility into sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud application usage to uncover shadow IT

Assess risk

CASB enables risk assessment of cloud applications to determine suitable access policies

Enforce security

CASB allows creation of granular access policies to control usage of cloud applications

SecureTrust CASB Shadow IT Dashboard

Get Visibility Into Your SaaS Usage

SecureTrust’s CASB solution monitors all enterprise SaaS-bound traffic and provides a detailed Shadow IT report that details all applications, both sanctioned and unsanctioned, being accessed and used.

Assess The Potential Risk

Perform a deeper analysis of specific application characteristics in order to better understand the potential risk it poses. This analysis starts by collecting information about the application from several sources.

SecureTrust’s CASB utilizes a unique Application Credibility Evaluator (ACE) which automates data collection and enables a quick and accurate assessment of each application’s profile, resulting in an aggregated risk score.

Assess your shadow IT usage

Enforce Access Policy for Each App

Once the analysis phase is done and the required access policy is determined for each app, the rules that will enforce this policy can be defined.

The “CASB Policy Rules” view lists all defined rules with the applications they have been defined for, the matching criteria, the specified action to be taken in case the rule applies, the associated severity level, and whether an alert or event should be generated.

SecureTrust CASB Built On Helios Cloud™

SecureTrust’s CASB solution is an integral service of the Helios Cloud SASE platform.

This means enterprises using SecureTrust can enable CASB with a flip of a switch. Since the enterprise network traffic is already processed by Helios Cloud, adding the CASB functionality doesn’t require any client installations or network changes.

SecureTrust’s single-pass architecture ensures the CASB functionality adds minimal latency to the overall processing time. It also enriches the CASB with additional user, device, and application information to enable more insightful visibility and more granular access control rules.

SecureTrust CASB Built On Helios Cloud™

Helios Cloud vs. Stand alone CASB Solutions

Helios Cloud
Stand Alone CASB


Fast And Simple

No planning, network changes, deployments or configurations are needed to enable SecureTrust's CASB. Once enabled it becomes immediately functional with no additional learning period needed.

Long And Complicated

A CASB project requires network mapping and planning to ensure all use-cases are covered. The deployment process requires deployment of PAC files and agents. On average, a learning period of up to 2 months is needed before the solution becomes effective.

Inspection context breadth


Being part of a full SASE service, SecureTrust's CASB has a rich insight from other network and network security features when defining and enforcing SaaS usage.


A stand-alone CASB solution will typically be limited to its own internal insight.

Application coverage


Full coverage of SaaS, IaaS and WAN use cases.


Typically supports SaaS only with limited IaaS capability.

Inline enforcement granularity


SecureTrust's CASB enables highly granular rules in inline mode.


Typically low in in-line mode. Higher granularity enforcement usually requires using APIs in out-of-band mode, which means no real-time prevention is possible.

How It Works With SecureTrust

A simple 4 step process that takes < 10 minutes to get secure

Step 1:

You Send Us A List Of Users

Step 2:

Users Install
Our Agent

Step 3:

Users login with a secure code

Step 4:

Your Users And Devices Are Secure

Why Choose SecureTrust's
Network Security Services?

The SecureTrust Cybersecurity Framework is designed to help organizations reduce risk and maximize the ROI of their security initiatives and is based on three key principles:

  1. Proactive: Threats are identified and mitigated threats before they can cause damage.
  2. Risk-based: Prioritize work on the areas of greatest risk. This ensures maximum ROI.
  3. Integrated: Works better with other security initiatives, such as vulnerability management and incident response.

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