SecureTrust Cybersecurity

Advanced Threat
Prevention (ATP)

IPS + NGAM provides advanced threat protection to identify and block unknown malware.

What Are The Benefits Of ATP?

Protects against ransomware, malware, vulnerability exploitation, and more

Network Monitoring

Continuously monitors network traffic for malicious activity, ensuring early detection of threats

Attack Prevention

Has the ability to block malicious packets, preventing potential attacks from infiltrating the network

Behavioral Analysis

Leverages behavioral analysis to detect network scans and other malicious behaviors

SecureTrust Single Pass Cloud Engine (SPACE)

Advanced Threat Prevention

Advanced Threat Prevention combines IPS and Next Generation Anti-Malware technologies. This convergence covers threat Intelligence, real-time AI engines, anti-phishing, and more.

Intrusion Prevention System

SecureTrust’s IPS inspects inbound and outbound, WAN and internet traffic, including TLS-encrypted traffic


Next Generation

Malware Detection and Prevention leverages multi-layered and tightly-integrated anti-malware engines

SecureTrust's Advanced Threat Prevention

SecureTrust’s ATP solution is built on the Helios Cloud™ SASE platform

As part of SecureTrust’s ATP, SecureTrust offers Next-Generation Anti-Malware (NGAM) protection and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) capabilities. Both services inspect WAN and Internet traffic.

Additionally, SecureTrust PoPs inspect TLS-encrypted traffic in the massively-scalable Helios Cloud, so there is no scaling constraints with on-premises equipment or additional latency from cloud-based traffic inspection.

SecureTrust's Advanced Threat Prevention​

SecureTrust's Next Generation Anti-Malware

When a malicious file is detected, user access will be blocked, and the user will be redirected to a blocked page. Processing happens at line speed, without impact on the end-user experience. Configure SecureTrust’s anti-malware service to either monitor, block, or custom exceptions.

Deep Back

Deep packet inspection of traffic payload for clear and encrypted traffic (if enabled). File objects are extracted from the traffic stream, inspected, and blocked, where appropriate.

True Filetype

True filetype detection is used to identify the actual type of a file going over the network regardless of its file extension or the content-type header (in case of HTTP/S transfer).

Malware Detection
& Prevention

Malware detection and prevention leverages multi-layered and tightly-integrated anti-malware engines.

How It Works With SecureTrust

A simple 4 step process that takes < 10 minutes to get secure

Step 1:

You Send Us A List Of Users

Step 2:

Users Install
Our Agent

Step 3:

Users login with a secure code

Step 4:

Your Users And Devices Are Secure

Why Choose SecureTrust's
Network Security Services?

The SecureTrust Cybersecurity Framework is designed to help organizations reduce risk and maximize the ROI of their security initiatives and is based on three key principles:

  1. Proactive: Threats are identified and mitigated threats before they can cause damage.
  2. Risk-based: Prioritize work on the areas of greatest risk. This ensures maximum ROI.
  3. Integrated: Works better with other security initiatives, such as vulnerability management and incident response.

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