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3 Factor
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An affordable, easy to use, and out of the box solution that scales based on your organization's needs.

Benefits Of 3 Factor Authentication

90% of all internet breaches are due to stolen login credentials

Cannot Be Easily Bypassed

Threat actors can use real-time man-in-the-middle attacks to bypass legacy MFA solutions

Reduce Credential threat risk by 99.9%

Eliminate the risk of breaches involving phishing or stolen credentials making unauthorized access nearly impossible​

Reduce IT/Support Tickets By 75%

Simplifying password policies significantly lowers or eliminates password reset and related support tickets

How Does SecureTrust's 3FA Solution Work?​

3 factor authentication enhances security through a multilayered approach. Users must provide three distinct forms of identification before gaining system access.

SecureTrust’s 3FA solution includes:

  1. A username/password or PIN (something you know).
  2. A physical token like a YubiKey (something you have).
  3. Biometric data such as a fingerprint (something you are).

Together, these three factors create robust protection. It’s highly unlikely a bad actor could simultaneously access all three forms of authentication. 

Even if they steal a password, they would still need the physical token and fingerprint to get in. This makes 3FA extremely secure and reliable.

1. Username/Password

(Something you know)

2. Hardware Token

(Something you Have)

3. Biometrics

(Something you are)

The perfect solution for Your Situation

Every organization has different business scenarios, third parties they work with, and end users. Whether you’ve got shared workstations, remote employees, a sea of external vendors or high-value customers, SecureTrust’s solutions are flexible and agile.


High tech companies experience the highest number of cyber attacks. Bad actors are relentlessly trying to acquire technological IP – patents, code, trade secrets, and strategic plans.

Financial Services

We help financial services organizations minimize cyber risk by providing phishing-resistant MFA and passwordless authentication for critical business and customer data.


Make securing cryptocurrency exchanges, accounts, and high-value transactions safe and easy. 3FA is the strongest way to protect your customers’ logins, trades, and transfers at the exchange level.

Retail & Hospitality

Get peace of mind that all sensitive information including customer, employee, and financial data is secure and brand reputation stays protected.


Ensure strong, phishing-resistant authentication for your data, technology, and people so you can stay protected against cyber espionage and other cyber threats.


Academic institutions need to secure proprietary research, student and staff data and much more. We can effectively protect sensitive data, large populations of users and ultimately secure the reputation and trust in the educational institution.


Healthcare institutions are challenged with mitigating cybersecurity risks related to ransomware attacks and healthcare data breaches. We help you secure patient data privacy while ensuring compliance.

Federal Government

We offer DOD approved, FIPS 140-2 validated multi-factor authentication for non PIV/CAC eligible workers, mobile and BYOAD/BYOD, air-gapped/closed networks, privileged users, remote workers and more.

State And Local

We offer DOD approved, FIPS 140-2 validated multi-factor authentication that is more secure, cost-effective, and convenient than mobile-based authentication to secure first responders, privileged users, BYOAD/BYOD, workstation logons, elections and more.


Secure user access to critical systems and data along the supply chain with our solution for phishing-resistant MFA. Safeguard the assembly line, third-party access, intellectual property, and product integrity.

Elections / Campaigns

We help secure access to election infrastructures including voter registration databases, election management and reporting systems, and e-pollbooks; as well as high-risk campaign individuals and data.


Get a phishing-proof layer of protection to safeguard people, technology, and data while ensuring the best security and user experience.

Energy and Natural Resources

With SecureTrust 3FA, you can secure critical applications, data, and infrastructure against ransomware attacks and other cyber threats that cause operational disruption to critical infrastructure.

Federal Systems Integrators

We offer the phishing-resistant, FIPS 140-2 validated token for highest-assurance multi-factor and passwordless authentication as part of a zero trust security strategy.

Protect Yourself from ransomware once and for all

3FA + SASE =
Extended Threat Protection

Extended Threat Protection (XTP) is designed to prevent 99.9% of password compromises through 3FA while limiting lateral movement of attacks by leveraging microsegmentation. This defense in-depth strategy, delivered on the Helios Cloud™ SASE Platform, will prevent ransomware from spreading and compromising your network.


Use strong 3FA to help protect your organization against breaches due to lost or stolen credentials



Helios Cloud converges SD-WAN and Security Service Edge functions into a unified, cloud-native service

Why Choose SecureTrust's
3FA Solution?

SecureTrust’s 3FA solution requires users to provide three forms of ID: a username/password, a physical token like a YubiKey, and biometric data such as a fingerprint.

This multi-layered approach makes unauthorized access highly unlikely. If a password is compromised, intruders still need the token and biometric to gain entry.

  • Direct experience working for the Defense Information Systems Agency, U.S. Cyber Command, and other  agencies.
  • Have an average of 20 years of security experience from the C-level to technical implementation and controls.
  • Hold numerous certifications including CISSP, CRISC, CISM, CISA, GCED, OSCP, GWAPT, MCSE, MCP, CCNA, and more.

What our customers say

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"We're going to stay with these guys forever"
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"SecureTrust is extremely knowledgeable. Additionally, they were able to meet the deadlines that I had imposed on the final reports. I would highly recommend SecureTrust."
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Frequently Asked Questions

3 Factor Authentication (3FA) is a security measure requiring users to provide three forms of identification before gaining system access: something they know (e.g., a password), something they have (e.g., a physical token), and something they are (e.g., biometric data).

3FA blocks hackers and thieves from gaining access to your account. It does this by making users prove who they are three different ways before they can log in.

First, by entering a password. Then, by using a special coded key or card. And finally, with biometrics like a fingerprint or face scan.

Attackers might steal your password through phishing or other tricks. But cracking all three forms of ID? Nearly impossible.

3FA’s multilayered approach locks down precious data, deals, and infrastructure better than anything else out there. Top-notch security to keep your company safe.

The main difference between 3FA and MFA is that MFA can mean only using two forms of ID to log in. That could be a password plus getting a code texted to your phone.

3FA takes it a step further by specifying 3 factors – something you know (like a password), something you have (like a special code generator), and something you are (like your fingerprint).

3FA isn’t just more secure by adding another factor. It also sets clearer expectations by spelling out the specific types of ID required.

This helps companies get on the same page about tightening security and following industry standards. Bottom line, the “3” in 3FA makes security policies and requirements way more well-defined.

3FA is more secure by adding another barrier to entry. But more locks on the door can mean more hassle for users and IT professionals.

An organization needs to weigh if that extra safety is worth the trouble. 3FA makes sense for businesses holding sensitive data or in highly regulated industries. Places where a breach could really hurt.

For others, 2FA may still get the job done against most threats. Have your security team, or a virtual CISO, conduct a risk assessment to decide if upgrading to 3FA is worth the investment.

You can easily implement 3FA for your organization by purchasing Helios Network Security.

You can add 3FA to your Helios Network Security subscription starting at $9.99/mon per token. There is a minimum purchase requirement of 5.

No, SecureTrust does not sell 3FA as a standalone solution. You must also purchase our Network Security solution. Get an instant quote today and see how much you could be saving.

Extended Threat Protection (XTP) is SecureTrust’s solution to preventing and/or containing ransomware from compromising your network. XTP converges our proven 3 factor authentication, advanced microsegmentation, and multilayered threat prevention into a single, cloud-based, and globally distributed service.

Our 3FA solution stops account takeovers at the source by preventing credential phishing. It’s nearly impossible for the bad guys to get a foothold into your systems without the ability to compromise an account.

The second layer of XTP is microsegmentation, which is delivered by our Helios Cloud SASE platform. Our defense-in-depth security platform segments users and devices. In the event of a breach, the blast radius of the attack is contained to that user or device. As a result, this prevents attackers from moving laterally across your network in their attempt to escalate privileges.

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