Secure Web Gateway (SWG)


Helios SWG (Secure Web Gateway) boosts security by adding an extra layer of defense against Internet threats and enforcing corporate policies for website access based on content and risk categorizations.


Immediate Security

Protection Against Phishing and Malware

Avoiding Policy Evasion

Enhancing User Experience

Complete Transparency

Helios extends all security capabilities globally

Immediate Security with Over 80 Built-In Categories and Pre-Defined Security Policies

Helios SWG delivers immediate value with ready-to-use policies that align with internet security best practices. Once activated, these policies are instantly and uniformly applied across the entire enterprise. Helios SWG also includes over 80 categories of website classifications, enabling administrators to easily comply with enterprise requirements governing access to sensitive or inappropriate content. Policies can be further refined using granular attributes such as user identity, location, and device posture. For each policy, the administrator can select the desired action, such as Allow, Block, or Prompt.

Vulnerability Detection

Protection Against Phishing and Malware Distribution Sites

Blocking malicious, compromised, phishing, and parked domain categories significantly reduces users’ overall exposure to web-borne threats. Helios maintains an up-to-date blacklist of malicious domains across a constantly evolving domain landscape to ensure an optimal security posture. Attempts to access malicious sites can be logged for record-keeping, further analysis, prioritizing security training, and identifying repeat offenders.


Avoiding Policy Evasion via Search Engines

Search engines often enable users to view images and preview video content without leaving the search engine’s domain, thereby bypassing organizational compliance policies. Helios’s SWG allows administrators to enforce Safe Search for popular search engines and content restrictions for YouTube, preventing users from circumventing policies. This capability can be activated in just a few clicks, offering enhanced protection for all users and locations with minimal effort.


Enhancing User Experience with Personalized Notifications

Helios SWG provides clear notification to users when their access to a website is blocked or delayed, allowing them to request an exception or report an error. Administrators can fully customize Helios’s block and prompt pages to include the enterprise brand and specific notification text for users, including IT contact information and the process for re-categorization requests.


Complete Transparency with Logging and Reporting for SWG Events

All event data is automatically retained and normalized into Helios’s Data Lake and can be explored using a built-in events engine with SIEM-like functionality. Administrators have the option to choose from a variety of pre-defined queries covering common use cases or to swiftly construct custom queries by selecting the necessary filters. PDF reports can also be generated, offering a convenient document for auditing or providing visibility to executives.


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