Next-Generation Anti-Malware


Network-based Next-Generation Anti-Malware (NGAM) safeguards organizations from malware in real-time as files are transmitted across the Internet or corporate WAN. Malware is detected using advanced heuristics and sophisticated machine-learning algorithms trained to identify threats.


Immediate Defense Against Zero-Day Malware

Policy and Exception Management

Anti-Malware Defense with TLS Inspection

Security for Nested Archives and Encrypted Files

Constantly Updated Security

Scalable and Robust Defense

Immediate Defense Against Zero-Day Malware

Helios’s NGAM detects zero-day and polymorphic malware in real-time. In partnership with SentinelOne, a machine learning algorithm maps connections between thousands of data points to return a verdict of benign, suspicious, or malicious. Real-time zero-day malware protection eliminates the dependency on legacy sandboxing solutions that overburden IT teams and hinder the user experience.

Vulnerability Detection

Detailed Policy and Straightforward Exception Management

Policies are easy to manage, and administrators can define allow and block actions based on context such as Internet or WAN destinations, source (user, IP address, host), application, and more. Scanning exceptions can be specific or apply to the entire account. With Helios’s NGAM, organizations can adopt a stricter security approach while maintaining the agility to meet business needs, with policy changes taking effect globally in just minutes.


Comprehensive Anti-Malware Defense with TLS Inspection

Over 90% of web traffic is encrypted, and enterprises must scrutinize it for threats. Helios’s SASE Cloud performs TLS inspection at scale, obviating the need to size and scale traditional security appliances. Inspection policies can be applied with granularity, enabling organizations to inspect as much traffic as needed. Activating TLS inspection does not affect performance and grants Helios’s NGAM full visibility to detect and block malware across all traffic.


Security for Nested Archives and Encrypted Files

Helios’s NGAM supports multiple file types and is capable of scanning multiple levels within nested archive files. Archive files are retained until the engine verifies that the entire contents are malware-free. Encrypted and password-protected files, which cannot be scanned, can instead be blocked by policy rules. This functionality aids in securing organizations by countering one of the methods used by threat actors to evade security engines.


Constantly Updated Security

Helios’s NGAM scans every file at wire speed, continuously evaluating the files against a signature and heuristics database that is constantly updated and optimized by Helios. Customers can replace the anti-malware engine of traditional firewalls and UTMs, ensuring that all files are evaluated against a comprehensive and up-to-date malware prevention database without the constraints of fixed appliance resources.


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