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Benefits Of Cybersecurity For Small Business

2/3rds of SMBs report going out of business 6 months following a cyber incident

Cost effective

Affordable, Turnkey Solution

Forget expensive and overly complex solutions that take weeks or months to implement.

Maximizes security ROI

Truly Holistic Cybersecurity

We bundle one of the most comprehensive security solutions into a single monthly subscription.

Extension of your team

Fully Managed
By Experts

No in house security? No problem! All of our subscription plans include service delivered by DoD trained experts.

Challenges Of Cybersecurity For Small Businesses

Small businesses often struggle with managing cash flow and overhead costs, leaving little room for investing in cybersecurity. This financial limitation is particularly concerning given that nearly half of all cyber attacks target small businesses, which are perceived as less prepared to deal with such incidents.

A 2018 Hiscox report found that 65% of small businesses in the U.S. failed to respond effectively after an attack, highlighting the need for better preparedness and response strategies.

One of the primary challenges lies in the perception of risk. A report by the Ponemon Institute revealed that only 14% of small businesses consider their ability to mitigate cyber risks and attacks as highly effective.

Many small organizations either feel helpless against these risks or underestimate their likelihood due to their size. However, the reality is that all businesses, regardless of size, are potential targets for cybercrime, and there are always measures that can be taken to mitigate these risks.


An overload of solutions and jargon in the cybersecurity market leaves small business owners unsure about what they need and if it will effectively protect them.


There is a notable lack of cybersecurity expertise. Three out of four small businesses do not have the necessary IT personnel for cybersecurity, compounded by a global skills shortage.


Small businesses face the challenge of dealing with ransomware attacks, which require immediate and sophisticated responses that they are often not equipped to handle.


Budget constraints are a significant barrier. 83% of SMBs have no funds set aside for cyber-attacks, yet the lack of investment in cybersecurity can lead to substantial financial losses.


Traditional cybersecurity models can take weeks or months, challenging small businesses with lengthy timelines for effectively implementing security measures.

Remote Workers

Ensuring the security of remote workers poses a challenge, as it involves protecting diverse networks and devices outside the traditional office environment.

Shop Cybersecurity Plans For Small Business

Transparent pricing. No long-term contracts. No nonsense.

Helios Cloud™
Network Security

$ 40

Monthly subscription
(per device)

Extended Threat
Protection (XTP)

$ 50

Monthly subscription
(per device)

Helios Cloud™
Enterprise Security

$ 60

Monthly subscription
(per device)
Best Value

How SecureTrust Will
Simplify Your Small Business's Security

Cloud Native Security

Combines automatic patching with Network Security for comprehensive coverage, providing real-time monitoring and threat detection while keeping software and systems up-to-date with the latest security updates.
Affordable solution

Streamline Operations

More efficient administration of network security and patch management through a centralized platform, leading to better overall security outcomes.

Resource Optimization

Enables businesses to offload security responsibilities, freeing up internal IT resources to focus on other critical tasks.

Continuous Compliance

Maintain compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards, reducing risks of non-compliance penalties and reputational damage.

Security Automation

We integrate various security solutions for comprehensive protection and reduces the complexity and cost of managing multiple security solutions through automation.

Adopting Latest Technologies

SecureTrust ensures businesses are protected against the latest cyber threats with continuous monitoring, threat detection, and incident response.

AI-driven Security

We use enhanced Artificial Intelligence for continuous scanning and automated patching, providing greater visibility into IT operations and more efficient remediation of risks.

Security-First Approach

Our security-first model includes continuous monitoring and management of security risks and threats, utilizing modern tools and automation for proactive threat response and improved security posture.

Designed To Be 100% Hands Off Security

When you choose SecureTrust as your security partner you’ll get more value in our subscriptions compared to other firms:

Advance Your Cybersecurity
Managed integration and automation

Subscribe To Easy Cybersecurity
And Save Thousands

Forget the headaches of managing multiple vendor relationships and endpoint solutions.

SecureTrust’s cybersecurity plans bundle managed security, automated processes, and AI/ML technologies providing holistic security in one affordable subscription.

Save $100,000s in costs compared to hiring in-house and $10,000s when compared to traditional managed services models.

Why Helios Cloud?

Traditional managed security is broken

After speaking with hundreds of SMBs and Startups we recognized a real problem -
The current cybersecurity models are too complex, too expensive, and take too long to implement.
Helios Cloud
Traditional Providers


Quick & easy setup​

Send us a list of users and we deploy a single agent.​

Time consuming​

Spend weeks manually creating and reviewing policies & strategies. ​

Level Of Effort

Fully managed

Our turnkey solution takes < 10 minutes to set up. That's it. All you do is sign in & you're secure.

Partially managed

Hours to days worth of employee time spent coordinating, approving, and granting access.

Time To Value

Get secure in 48 hours​

We build out your platform, providing immediate value.​

Months to security​

Providers typically take 60, 90, or 120 days to implement solutions. ​


End-to-end advisory support

We include vCISO advisory and security policies so you can meet your compliance requirements.

Requires additional services

Expect to pay at least $1k/mon in additional services or outsourced to a different 3rd party consultant.


One stop security shop​

Spend more time growing your business and less managing vendor relationships.

Multiple vendors​

Managing an IT provider/consultant and maintaining security solutions can be a real headache.

Level of security

DoD trained experts​

We adopt the highest levels of security standards set forth by the DoD.​

Lack of expertise​

Not all security providers are created equal. Many just resell solutions to pad their bottom line.

Pricing Models​

Monthly subscription​​

No contract subscription model with predictable pricing & ZERO capex.​

Upfront costs​

One-time projects costing $10,000s on top of a monthly retainer.​

Total Costs​

Don't break the bank​

A business with 10 employees can get secure in days for less than $10k/year.​

Wastes time & money

Spend $10,000s and months planning BEFORE a solution is even implemented.

How It Works With SecureTrust

A simple 4 step process that takes < 10 minutes to get secure

Step 1:

You Send Us A List Of Users

Step 2:

Users Install
Our Agent

Step 3:

Users login with a secure code

Step 4:

Your Users And Devices Are Secure

Why Choose SecureTrust's
Network Security Services?

The SecureTrust Cybersecurity Framework is designed to help organizations reduce risk and maximize the ROI of their security initiatives and is based on three key principles:

  1. Proactive: Threats are identified and mitigated threats before they can cause damage.
  2. Risk-based: Prioritize work on the areas of greatest risk. This ensures maximum ROI.
  3. Integrated: Works better with other security initiatives, such as vulnerability management and incident response.

What our customers say

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"When you need the job done right, you call SecureTrust. You'll get value and a great professional relationship."

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