DNS Security (DNS)


Helios’s DNS Security scrutinizes every bit of DNS traffic, thwarting any malevolent activity that might be concealed within the protocol’s exchanges. It proactively intercepts and blocks DNS requests headed for harmful destinations, ensuring no connection is established with such sites.


AI-Based DNS Inspection

Prevent Access to Malicious Domains and C&C

Prevent Data Leakage

Stop Resource Drainage from Crypto Miners

Mitigate Risk by Prohibiting Access

Complete Transparency into DNS Security

AI-Based DNS Inspection for Enhanced In-Line Phishing Defense

Phishing is a primary attack vector that concerns every CISO.

Continuous training of AI and ML algorithms on Helios’s extensive global data lake enables Helios DNS Security to offer in-line identification of domain squatting and other website impersonation attempts. This is achieved through real-time analysis of webpage components, domain age, popularity, and patterns associated with toolkits used in phishing sites. Inline detection of phishing attacks helps prevent credential harvesting, malware delivery, and sensitive data loss.

Vulnerability Detection

Prevent Access to Malicious Domains and Command & Control Sites Before Connection

The number of malicious sites hosting command and control (C&C) servers to remotely manage malware is vast. Attackers constantly shift their C&C servers between sites to evade detection and blacklisting. Helios DNS Security utilizes Helios’s timely and continuously optimized threat intelligence system to identify malicious domains and C&C sites and block traffic to and from them in real-time. By employing Helios DNS Security, enterprises significantly reduce their exposure to millions of web-based attacks with near-zero false positives.


Prevent Data Leakage and Malicious Actions via DNS Tunneling

DNS tunneling attacks exploit the necessity to allow DNS traffic through security controls as a method for data exfiltration and command and control (C&C) access. Helios’s DNS Security analyzes properties of DNS requests, such as packet size, record type, and the ratio of unique subdomains, to identify anomalies and indicators of DNS tunneling attacks. Helios’s AI/ML algorithms are continuously trained to identify DNS Tunneling, providing protection that does not rely on specific knowledge of the threat actor or domain name.


Stop Resource Drainage from Cryptocurrency Miners

Cryptomining malware hijacks corporate computers and networks for illegally mining cryptocurrency. This unlawful exploitation causes system instability, degrades employee productivity, and increases IT costs for organizations. Helios uses advanced rules and behavioral analysis to detect domains involved in cryptomining operations. It proactively blocks all DNS requests to these malicious destinations. With Helios, enterprises can secure their systems and protect workforce productivity from the disruptive impact of unauthorized cryptomining.


Mitigate Risk by Prohibiting Access to Newly-Registered Domains

Malicious domains are quickly identified and categorized, leading to category-based blocking by most security engines. However, threat actors circumvent this by registering new domains to bypass category-based security controls. Helios’ DNS Security identifies and blocks access to domains that are less than 14 days old in real-time. Since most newly registered domains are malicious or suspicious, blocking them reduces the attack surface and improves security posture with minimal impact on legitimate user traffic.


Complete Transparency into DNS Security Threats and Incidents

Helios centrally logs all detected threat activity in a global data lake. Administrators gain instant visibility into this comprehensive threat data through a unified console. The console’s security threats dashboard specifically surfaces DNS security events, allowing security teams to filter and drill down into the details of any DNS protection incidents. This streamlined view enables quick evaluation and understanding of DNS-based threats targeting the organization, eliminating the need to correlate data across multiple sources or swap between different console views.

Vulnerability Detection

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