Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


Helios DLP enables organizations to uniformly safeguard sensitive data across users, locations, and cloud environments. Thorough DLP management is crucial for adhering to regulations like NIST, GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and for the protection of intellectual property and confidential information.


Full Range of Sensitive Data Types

Integrate Your Own Sensitivity Labels into Helios DLP

Personalize and Verify Sensitive Data Types

Inline and Out-of-Band Data Protection

Comprehensive Data Security

Comprehensive Data Security for All Network Traffic

Full Range of Sensitive Data Types for Rapid Time to Value

Implementing DLP can be daunting for many organizations as they strive to accurately classify data without generating false positives and affecting user productivity. Helios DLP gives security teams a head start by offering a catalog of over 350 tested and validated pre-defined data types that are ready for immediate use. This catalog addresses common scenarios for safeguarding confidential data, PII, financial information, and ensuring regulatory compliance across various regions, enabling a swift and effective DLP deployment.

Vulnerability Detection

Integrate Your Own Sensitivity Labels

Enterprises utilize sensitivity labels to effectively classify their data and enhance the precision of data protection across multiple platforms. Helios DLP supports Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) and custom sensitivity labels. With a straightforward setup, an enterprise’s MIP labels can be acknowledged by Helios DLP and incorporated into relevant data protection policies. Consistent application of sensitivity labels in DLP rules allows organizations to achieve unified data protection throughout the enterprise.


Personalize and Verify Sensitive Data Types

DLP is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and the ability to create custom data types is crucial for crafting a data protection policy that suits your organization. Helios’s DLP enables administrators to construct custom data types based on sensitivity labels, keywords, dictionaries, and regular expressions. To further minimize false positives, Helios DLP offers an instant validation tool that allows admins to test data protection policies against sample files before implementing them in production. This ensures that the effort required for creating and fine-tuning enterprise-specific policies is reduced.


Inline and Out-of-Band Data Protection

Users access cloud applications both in the office and remotely, from corporate devices and BYOD, necessitating both inline and out-of-band data protection. Beyond its native capability to oversee and manage inline traffic, Helios DLP employs APIs for widely-used SaaS applications for near real-time surveillance of data usage to avert data leaks and mishandling of data sharing settings. Consequently, Helios DLP delivers thorough and complete data protection across all scenarios of application and data access.



A Unified Dashboard for Comprehensive Data Security

Data protection is a continuous obligation that demands ongoing enforcement, observation, and refinement. Helios DLP offers a specialized dashboard for effective oversight of DLP events and related activities. Administrators receive immediate insights into crucial DLP metrics, including violations of sensitive data usage by users, offenders, file types, and data profiles. Through analysis over time and across different regions, risk and compliance teams can pinpoint required modifications to corporate policies and procedures.


Comprehensive Data Security for All Network Traffic

The Helios DLP engine scrutinizes all traffic directed to private applications in on-premises and cloud data centers, as well as SaaS applications. It detects sensitive data usage and uniformly applies data protection policies, irrespective of the traffic’s origin or destination. As a cloud-delivered service, Helios DLP eliminates the necessity to reroute traffic for inspection to specific locations, thus minimizing the impact of DLP controls on application responsiveness and user productivity.

Vulnerability Detection

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