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Heather Noggle

Heather Noggle

Cybersecurity Council Member

Areas of expertise

  • Cybersecurity Advocacy
  • Human Cybersecurity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Writing
  • Women In Technology

Heather Noggle is the owner of Codistac, a process solutions company that weaves technology and human experience together to guide customers to find unique answers to their most vexing problems in those areas where people and technology meet – HR, custom-built software, and cybersecurity.

Human cybersecurity is her passion – training, tips and tricks, and reframing cyber hygiene activities as fighting back. Testing limits of Generative AI is a new interest as well.

Heather offers more than 30 years of expertise built from experience as early as Commodore 64 tinkering; software development, requirements, and project management; human resources; extensive writing; and so much music.

She effortlessly connects all of these things together with engaging and humorous storytelling. She’s passionate about what we people can do to protect ourselves and the information we seek to hold private.

Heather currently serves as Vice Chair of the Springfield Tech Council and also volunteers with Missouri Cybersecurity Center of Excellence and Redeemer Lutheran Church.

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