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Meet Our 2023 Cohort

Rich Selvidge

Richard Selvidge

Geoff Hancock - Council Member

Geoff Hancock

Joshua Copeland

Joshua Copeland

joshua a selvidge

Joshua Selvidge

John Arce - Security Advisor

John Arce

Pratik Savla

Pratik Savla

Jeff Schulman

Jeff Schulman​

Greg Schaffer

Greg Schaffer

Heather Noggle

Heather Noggle

Go Beyond The BS & Buzzwords

Shift left. Zero Trust. XDR. AI/ML. Next Gen.

How often do you come across these buzzwords that lack context and value when you’re reading an article?

Unlike other publications, we don’t hire technical writers with zero hands on experience to produce useless content.

Marketing buzzwords
Timely and actionable

Timely & Actionable Information

Get up-to-date news on the latest cyber attacks and learn from the experts on how to prevent becoming the next big breach.

Or, discover the newest technologies, tactics, and strategies from industry leaders who are shaping the future of cybersecurity.

Community Focused

Our goal is to add to and advance the body of cybersecurity knowledge. The only way we can achieve this goal is by providing value to the community.

We do not make any money from our council member’s work and we will never gate their work behind emails or paywalls.

Great ideas should also get attention, which is why we are committed to supporting council members with robust marketing strategies and tactics (at no cost) to promote their work and build their brand.

Community focused
Ad and promotion free

Advertising & Promotion Free

One thing that sets us apart from other “councils” is that we do not engage in 3rd party advertisements nor are we paid to endorse products or services.

In addition, council members are not paid directly for their contributions. As a result, we believe this helps us to produce the best and most unbiased cybersecurity content online.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SecureTrust Cybersecurity Council is a group of thought leaders with proven and heads on experience in cybersecurity. At SecureTrust, we are committed to bringing forward the brightest minds in the industry to tackle issues and promote conversations that actually move the needle in a meaningful direction.

Unlike other councils, such as Forbes or WSJ, we do NOT accept ANY paid promotion of products or services. We will NEVER use “native advertising” schemes that are designed to trick readers into believing they’re consuming unbiased content. 

Each article posted is written from the voice of the expert – not technical writers or enthusiasts who lack domain expertise.

SecureTrust and its council members are also vendor and solution agnostic. We do not accept payment in any form to endorse products or services.

We have a deep passion for doing security faster, smarter, and better. At our core we are nerds who have seen implementation of security fail time and time again to address the growing threats we face.

Through this council we aim to achieve our mission:

To protect the digital landscape – especially for SMBs who lack critical resources or expertise.

In addition, our goal is to amplify the voice of our contributors and to maximize the visibility and impact of their work on the community at large. Our newsletter is available on LinkedIn as well as distributed to our 10,000+ email subscribers and 15,000+ followers across social media platforms.

The council is invite only. There is no publicly facing application process.

The quality of our contributors is extremely important to the success of this program. Our specific selection criteria ensure a strong diverse set of ideas and topics are covered from the lens of thought leaders who have a proven track record in the cybersecurity industry. Council members are encouraged to refer thought leaders to SecureTrust for consideration.

We are also keenly aware of the need to promote DEI initiatives so that all perspectives are included. To be clear, we believe in meritocracy, radical openness, and transparency above all else in our selection process

Jason Firch is the Chief Marketing Officer at SecureTrust and brings over a decade of proven marketing leadership and experience.

We work with our members to help them create custom tailored strategies and tactics that work for their brand. This consulting service is an added value that we are happy to provide to our members at no cost and extends beyond content published on SecureTrust.

  • We will NEVER attempt to force council members to endorse our products/services.
  • We will NEVER pay council members to promote our products/services.
  • We will NEVER directly pay council members for their contributions.

From AI to network security, we encourage our council members to write on topics that are of most interest and most align with their expertise. With that said, there is no limitation on the topics covered so long as they remain within the domain of cybersecurity.

SecureTrust has a team of highly technical cybersecurity experts who review each article prior to its publication. In most cases, this is strictly a formality as our internal team has greater visibility on all content being produced by members.

In other cases, we’re simply editing for grammar, ease of readability, structure and flow of the article, and whether or not the article is actionable for the reader.

SecureTrust works with our members to ensure the best possible version of the article is published online. Council members must give final approval to any changes to their article prior to its publication.

We will never edit down content in a way that would:

  • Misrepresent the council member’s work.
  • Change the context or original intention of the council member’s work.
  • Dilute the value of the content.

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