Protecting Children from Internet Dangers with Helios

The internet is a vast universe of information and connectivity, providing endless opportunities for learning and interaction. However, the digital world also brings several risks, especially for children. These risks range from exposure to inappropriate content to encounters with cyberbullies and online predators. As a parent, the responsibility to ensure a safe online experience for your children is paramount. Here’s how Helios, our comprehensive cybersecurity solution, can be your partner in this critical task.


  • Comprehensive Filtering: Helios’ Secure Web Gateway effectively filters and blocks access to inappropriate or malicious websites, ensuring children experience a safe online environment.
  • Customizable Controls: Parents can tailor Helios’ settings with robust parental controls to meet specific family values and the child’s maturity level, adjusting content filters and browsing restrictions as needed.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Helios helps monitor children’s social media activities, providing tools to oversee and protect against cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and online predators.
  • App Management: With Helios, parents can control which apps their children can access, ensuring they only use those that are safe and appropriate for their age group.

Robust Parental Controls

Start with setting up strong parental controls that serve as the first line of defense. Helios allows you to restrict access to harmful websites and actively monitor your child’s online activities. By managing what content can be accessed, you help create a safer online space that’s suitable for a child’s age and maturity level.

Secure Web Gateway

Our Secure Web Gateway (SWG) plays a crucial role by filtering internet traffic. This system blocks access to malicious websites and ensures that the browsing experience remains safe and clean. Whether your child is researching for schoolwork or exploring their hobbies, Helios SWG stands guard, keeping unsafe content out of reach.

Proactive Monitoring

Stay one step ahead by regularly reviewing your child’s online interactions and digital footprint. This ongoing vigilance helps you remain informed and proactive, ensuring that you can respond swiftly if unsafe or worrying behavior emerges.

Customizable Content Filtering

Helios offers customizable content filtering options that empower you to block inappropriate websites and content explicitly. Tailor the web to fit your family’s values and your child’s needs, creating a nurturing environment that fosters growth and curiosity without the risks.

Balanced Time Limits

Implementing time limits on internet use is essential in fostering a healthy balance between digital and real-world experiences. Helios helps you set these boundaries, encouraging children to develop hobbies and interpersonal relationships offline as well.

Application Control

Gain control over the applications your child can access. Some apps may not be suitable due to their content, the data they collect, or the interactions they facilitate. With Helios, you can manage these apps effectively, ensuring they are appropriate and safe.

Privacy Protection

In an age where personal data is as valuable as currency, protecting your child’s privacy becomes crucial. Helios ensures robust data protection, preventing unauthorized access and data breaches. Your child’s personal information remains secure, giving you peace of mind.

Social Media Monitoring

With most children actively participating on social platforms, monitoring their social media activity is essential. Helios can help you oversee these interactions, protecting against potential threats and harmful exchanges, and ensuring that their social experiences are positive.

By leveraging the advanced security features of Helios, you can create a safer, more controlled online environment for your children. This environment not only shields them from potential dangers but also helps them develop responsible online habits that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Helios and Child Internet Safety

Q1: How does Helios’ Secure Web Gateway protect children online?
Helios’ Secure Web Gateway (SWG) filters internet traffic to prevent access to harmful or inappropriate websites. It works by inspecting web requests and blocking those that lead to risky or unsuitable content, thus ensuring safer browsing for children.

Q2: Can I customize the parental controls with Helios?

Yes, Helios offers customizable parental controls that allow you to set specific restrictions based on your child’s age, maturity, and your family’s values. You can block access to certain websites, set browsing time limits, and monitor online activities to ensure a safe internet experience.

Q3: What type of content can Helios filter out?

Helios can filter out a wide range of inappropriate content, including websites related to adult content, violence, gambling, and drugs. You can also customize the filters to block other types of content you deem inappropriate for your child.

Q4: Is it possible to monitor my child’s social media activity with Helios?

Yes, Helios provides tools for monitoring social media activity. This feature helps you keep an eye on the social interactions your child has online, including the content they view and share, helping safeguard against cyberbullying and other online risks.

Q5: How does Helios help protect my child’s privacy online?

Helios ensures privacy protection through robust data security measures that prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. It helps shield personal information from potential threats, ensuring your child’s sensitive data remains secure.

Q6: Can Helios control access to specific apps on my child’s devices?

Absolutely. Helios allows you to manage and restrict access to specific applications that may not be suitable for children. This ensures they only use apps that are appropriate for their age and safe from potential risks.

Q7: What are the benefits of setting time limits on internet usage with Helios?

Setting time limits helps ensure that children develop a healthy balance between online activities and offline experiences. It encourages them to engage in physical activities, interact face-to-face with others, and cultivate hobbies outside the digital world.

Q8: How does the monitoring feature of Helios work?

Helios’ monitoring feature allows you to regularly review your child’s online interactions and digital footprint. It provides insights into the websites they visit, the content they engage with, and their overall online behavior, enabling proactive parenting in the digital age.

Q9: Can Helios be used across different devices and platforms?

Yes, Helios is designed to work across various devices and platforms, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. This versatility ensures comprehensive protection regardless of the device your child uses to access the internet.

Q10: How can I get started with Helios to protect my child online?

Getting started with Helios is simple. Visit our website to learn more about our offerings and sign up. You can also contact our support team for a guided setup and personalized advice on configuring Helios to meet your specific needs for child internet safety.

By addressing these common queries, Helios aims to empower parents with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure a safe and positive online experience for their children.

Posted by Rich Selvidge

Rich Selvidge is the President, CEO, & Co founder of SecureTrust, providing singular accountability for all information security controls in the company.