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managed fully by DoD trained and experienced experts

SecureTrust Cybersecurity Services

Secure Your System in under 10 minutes

Fast-Track Your Digital Safety with Our Streamlined

4-Step Process

Step 1:
Send Us Your User List

Quickly upload your list of users to initiate the setup.

Step 2:
Install the Security Software

Each user installs our lightweight security agent in just a click.

Step 3:
Secure Login with Two-Factor Authentication

Users protect their accounts with a one-time verification code.

Step 4:
Enjoy Comprehensive Protection

Your users and their devices are now safeguarded against threats.

Ready to elevate your security?

Cloud Native Cybersecurity Services

Combining automatic patching with network security creates a powerful and comprehensive security solution for organizations. This combination enhances the overall security posture and brings several additional benefits…

Comprehensive Coverage

Get consistent protection from both known and emerging threats. We provide real-time monitoring and threat detection, while automatic patching keeps software and systems up-to-date with the latest security updates.

Streamlined Operations

Leverage SecureTrust’s experts to monitor and manage your network security and patch management from a single, centralized platform. This can lead to more efficient administration and better overall security outcomes.

Resource Optimization

Offload some (or all) of your security responsibilities, freeing up internal IT resources to focus on other critical tasks and projects, rather than spending significant time on manual patching and network security management.


Gain a more cost-effective solution over traditional security infrastructure. By paying a subscription fee for these services, organizations can shift from a capital expenditure (CapEx) model to an operational expenditure (OpEx) model, making it easier to budget for security expenses.

Continuous compliance

Remain compliant with relevant regulations and industry standards with a holistic and turnkey solution. Regular updates provided by both services help maintain security and compliance levels, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties and reputational damage.

Enhanced scalability

As organizations grow and evolve, their security needs will also change. Our combined solution can be easily scaled up or down, allowing businesses to adapt their security resources to meet their needs without investing in additional hardware or infrastructure.

Designed To Be 100% Hands Off Security

When you choose SecureTrust as your security partner you’ll get much more than just a dashboard. All of our subscription plans include:

Advance Your Cybersecurity
Managed integration and automation

Subscribe To Easy Cybersecurity
And Save Thousands

Forget the headaches of managing multiple vendor relationships and endpoint solutions.

SecureTrust’s cybersecurity plans bundle managed security, automated processes, and AI/ML technologies providing holistic security in one affordable subscription.

Save $100,000s in costs compared to hiring in-house and $10,000s when compared to traditional managed services models.

Managed network security services

Managed Network Security

Get a truly holistic and affordable network security service built on an enterprise grade SASE cloud security platform with service delivered by a team of DoD trained cybersecurity experts.

Protect Yourself From Ransomware With

Extended Threat Protection

Extended Threat Protection (XTP) is designed to prevent 99.9% of password compromises through 3FA while limiting lateral movement of attacks by leveraging microsegmentation. This defense in-depth strategy, delivered on the Helios Cloud™ SASE Platform, will prevent ransomware from spreading and compromising your network.


Use strong 3 Factor Authentication (3FA) to protect you from breaches due to lost or stolen credentials



Helios Cloud converges SD-WAN and Security Service Edge functions into a unified, cloud-native service

SecureTrust IPS

Continuous Vulnerability Management

Automate your scanning and patching cycles with a continuous vulnerability management solution.

Future-proof, Resilient Cloud Security Services

A converged, single-pass architecture of our security solutions easily allows for new security capabilities to be seamlessly added via the Helios Cloud service.

The Helios Cloud is designed with high availability to ensure continued security inspection in case of a PoP or network failure.

Adopting the latest technologies
Keeping ahead of malicious actors

When was the last time you had a penetration test?

Maintaining security in a constantly evolving threat landscape is a challenge for all organizations. Traditional reactive approaches are no longer enough. Take a proactive approach by choosing us to assess your security posture today.

Meet Your Requirements

SecureTrust converges Vulnerability Scanning, Automated Patching and a Complete Network Security Stack into a single cloud service, empowering any business to deliver optimized and secure application access to all users and locations.


Access Control

Data Encryption

Network Security

Incident Response

Monitoring & Auditing

Physical Security

Risk Assessment

Vendor Management

Data & Backup Recovery

Policy & Documentation




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Who We Serve

Why Helios Cloud?

Traditional managed security is broken

After speaking with hundreds of SMBs and Startups we recognized a real problem -
The current cybersecurity models are too complex, too expensive, and take too long to implement.
Helios Cloud
Traditional Providers


Quick & easy setup​

Send us a list of users and we deploy a single agent.​

Time consuming​

Spend weeks manually creating and reviewing policies & strategies. ​

Level Of Effort

Fully managed

Our turnkey solution takes < 10 minutes to set up. That's it. All you do is sign in & you're secure.

Partially managed

Hours to days worth of employee time spent coordinating, approving, and granting access.

Time To Value

Get secure in 48 hours​

We build out your platform, providing immediate value.​

Months to security​

Providers typically take 60, 90, or 120 days to implement solutions. ​


End-to-end advisory support

We include vCISO advisory and security policies so you can meet your compliance requirements.

Requires additional services

Expect to pay at least $1k/mon in additional services or outsourced to a different 3rd party consultant.


One stop security shop​

Spend more time growing your business and less managing vendor relationships.

Multiple vendors​

Managing an IT provider/consultant and maintaining security solutions can be a real headache.

Level of security

DoD trained experts​

We adopt the highest levels of security standards set forth by the DoD.​

Lack of expertise​

Not all security providers are created equal. Many just resell solutions to pad their bottom line.

Pricing Models​

Monthly subscription​​

No contract subscription model with predictable pricing & ZERO capex.​

Upfront costs​

One-time projects costing $10,000s on top of a monthly retainer.​

Total Costs​

Don't break the bank​

A business with 10 employees can get secure in days for less than $10k/year.​

Wastes time & money

Spend $10,000s and months planning BEFORE a solution is even implemented.

Backed By A Team Of Trusted Cybersecurity Experts

With decades of experience securing organizations of all sizes and complexities, SecureTrust is a proven cybersecurity partner that enables you to reach your security goals.

  • Direct experience working for the Defense Information Systems Agency, U.S. Cyber Command, and other  agencies.
  • Have an average of 20 years of security experience from the C-level to technical implementation and controls.
  • Hold numerous certifications including CISSP, CRISC, CISM, CISA, GCED, OSCP, GWAPT, MCSE, MCP, CCNA, and more.

What our customers say

Project ManagerAuto Insurance
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"We're going to stay with these guys forever"
Security Privacy OfficerHospital
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"SecureTrust is extremely knowledgeable. Additionally, they were able to meet the deadlines that I had imposed on the final reports. I would highly recommend SecureTrust."
Operations ManagerHospitality
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"When you need the job done right, you call SecureTrust. You'll get value and a great professional relationship."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed security services are any outsourced function of your security program that is run by a 3rd party vendor.

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is a 3rd party vendor that organizations hire to outsource their security needs. These services may include a managed SIEM, 24/7 managed SOC, MDR, or static code analysis.

The main difference between an MSP and a MSSP is that an MSP typically focuses on providing network management services such as providing help desk support or managing your phone systems. MSSPs provide robust security services like a managed SIEM, penetration testing, social engineering, vulnerability management, and more.

The common services that most businesses outsource their IT to MSPs include:

  • End user support and troubleshooting.
  • Public, private, and hybrid cloud services.
  • Organizational communication such as email, hosted voice, video, and chat.
  • Basic end point security such as spam filters, anti-virus, and anti-malware detection.
  • Setup, deploy, and maintain networking infrastructure such as servers, firewalls, routers, computers, and wireless access points.
  • Monthly updates and patch management.
  • Hardware/software procurement and warranty tracking.
    Technology strategy and guidance.

In contrast, MSSPs offer robust cyber security services to protect businesses from modern day attacks including:

  • Vulnerability risk assessments.
  • Penetration testing.
  • Social engineering awareness and education.
  • Cyber security program development.
  • Red and Blue team security exercises.
  • Deployment of SIEM, IDS, and IPS Technologies.
  • Threat hunting and continuous traffic monitoring.
  • Implementation of compliance frameworks such as NIST, ISO 27,000, CMMC, HIPPA, and more.

There are three main benefits to hiring a managed security services provider including:

  1. Expertise  –  Your organization gains Immediate access to experienced security experts on top of the industry’s current trends, best tools, and latest policy updates.
  2. Cost Savings  –  In order to develop a fully functional internal security program an organization will spend $100,000s on salaries, tools, and time/attention to reach maturity. Or, you can hire an outsource IT security provider and spend $10,000s per month.
  3. Extension Of Your Team  –  Whether it’s informing you on the latest cyber incidents, or taking proactive steps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data, a managed security provider should be there to serve as an extension of your team. As a result, internal resources are freed up to work on higher level order of work.

Each managed security company varies in the services they offer, however, the most common services include:

  • Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Managed Detection And Response (MDR)
  • Managed SIEMManaged Scanning & Patching
  • Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Managed Endpoint Security Software

Yes! SecureTrust has a fully managed and dedicated 24/7 security operations center to meet alerting, incident response, reporting, and event resolution requirements.

When evaluating the best managed security provider for your business begin by answering the following questions:

  • If they’re managing your environment, how do they protect your environment?
  • Are you looking for someone to provide a recommendation from firewall to IDS/IPS, AV, your whole security posture review and recommendations?
  • Do they do the incident response/remediation if something is found?
  • Are they also providing basic IT services for deployment of AV into your environment including management of such a tool?
  • What about log analysis? Do they export it all to a SIEM where analysts go over the logs?
  • Do they provide any form of proactive threat hunting to look for things that got past your existing defenses?

If you need application security services, ask about their offerings. Dig deep on the technical details surrounding application security. Replace “application security” with “vulnerability management,” “risk management,” “penetration testing,” “threat hunting,” “incident response,” and so on.

Finally, try to find companies that can scale your security.

Typically, choosing an MSSP comes down to your budget and needs. It may make sense to list your needs based on what you will do and what security responsibilities you want to outsource. This will help find a better fit to your needs when taking to managed security providers.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $500 – $25,000 per month for managed security services.

However, the cost to your organization depends on a number of factors including the makeup of your network, the number or type of applications connected to your system, the number of employees, the number of end points, the number of physical locations, and much more.

In addition, the current state of your security program and your goals will influence the types of security services you may wish to outsource.

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Penetration Testing

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